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History of 3D Printing

Evolution of 3D Printing: Tracing the Technological Journey #3DPrintingEvolution, #3DPrintingOrigins, #TechnologyHistory, #DevelopmentHistory, #InnovationTimeline, #EarlyDays, #3DPioneers, #IndustryGrowth, #3DMilestones, #PrintingRevolution, #HistoricalPerspective, #Advancements, #AncientOrigins, #AdditiveManufacturing, #PastAndPresent, #HistoricalOverview, #JourneyThroughTime, #Innovations, #HistoricalSignificance, #ImpactOnIndustry, #ThroughoutHistory In our last blog we get to know about, what is 3D printing, the steps involved in 3D printing, what is an STL file, and we

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Computer Aided Design (CAD)


How it is Revolutionizing Engineering and Design Industries Engineering and design have undergone a revolution because of computer-aided design (CAD), which has significantly improved productivity, efficiency, and accuracy. In order to give a thorough understanding of CAD, this blog will examine its background, essential elements, advantages, and applications. We thoroughly investigate the numerous CAD software

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A Major Problem in Dental Implant’s

dental implant

What are the Parts of Dental Implant? A dental implant is made up of four parts: the crown, the abutment, the abutment screw, and the implant fixture.  The Fixture A fixture supports dental implants. The first part that has to be installed is this one. The titanium used to make it is hypoallergenic. The fixture

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Use of 3D Printing in Surgery


General Survey on 3D Printing 3D-printing is the new advanced technology of this rapidly changing world, with a billion-dollar market size worldwide. According to the sources from Statista, if we believe, in 2018 the market capitalization of 3D printing is around 1.53 billion U.S. dollars. And it is assumed that the market capitalization of the

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