Nylon 16mm Expandable Braided Sleeve for Wire Protection-2M Length

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  • Great for wrapping power/ground cable.
  • Protect cables from wear & high temperature.
  • Prolong the service life of the cable.
  • Ultra expandable (150% of original size).
  • Gives an attractive look with a clean install.
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The Nylon Braided Sleeve mesh tube/braided nylon sleeve for Wire Protection is ideal for Cable and wire protection, insulation, identification, and decoration. Help you control and tidy cable wire harness. Expandable, Made of PA 6.6, Softer than Pet sleeve. Nylon mesh tube/braided nylon sleeve for Wire Protection braided sleeving is designed for durable PET monofilament yarns. It provides protection for hoses, cable assemblies, wire bundles and fishing rods against abrasion and damage caused by excessive wear and motion. Nylon material protects the wires from damage due to internal and external heat, Chemical reaction to the wire insulation and avoids humidity due to its ventilation through the braided structure.

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 3 cm


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