Mini Solar Lipo Charger Board

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  • Supermini Solar Lipo charger based on the CN3065
  • Can Charge Single Lithium-ion Polymer cell with Max charging current 500 mA
  • 2-pin JST Connector Interface
  • Supports USB Charge
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This device is a Super-Mini Solar Lipo Charger that uses the CN3065 chip to manage the charging of a single lithium battery. You can connect your solar panel or any photovoltaic device to this Solar Charger and charge a rechargeable LiPo battery efficiently. The Solar Charger is easy to use: just plug your solar panel into one side and your battery into the other side, and the charging will begin!

The Solar Charger is designed to charge only one polymer lithium-ion cell. The load should be connected parallel to the battery. The Solar Charger has a default maximum charge current of 500mA and a maximum recommended input of 6V (minimum 4.4V). For safety reasons, do not charge batteries at a higher rate than their capacity rating.

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 5 cm


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