Easy Chemical Transfer

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Easy Chemical Transfer

The easy chemical transfer device can be used for a variety of liquid and chemical movement in a precise manner. There are a number of industries where the easy chemical transfer device is used because of contact less fluid transfer. The contamination is a huge problem in the industry while transferring the liquid/chemicals. To overcome this problem, we developed an easy chemical transfer device using a peristaltic pump. It can be used in the medical industry, pharmaceutical industry, food manufacturing, laboratory, in agriculture, beverage, biological system, factory, water treatment plant and much more. The device is made up of food grade material approved from the Food and drug authority (USA), therefore this device is safe for transferring liquid food, edible oil and beverage. The easy chemical transfer device is capable of controlling the flow of fluid with high accuracy; so, the device can be used as a dosing and metering application.



  • Working current: 0.11A
  • Power: 1.32 watt
  • Machine Size: 100mm *55mm * 60mm
  • Input/output tube diameter: outer 4mm, inner 2 mm
  • Material: ABS, PLA, Silicone, Rubber and Metal


  • Flow rate: 12-60 ml/min and 12 – 144ml/min
  • Life: up to 2500 Hours
  • Operating Temperature: 0ºC to 40ºC
  • It works quietly with a sound level under 40db.
  • Environmentally friendly (if disposed of correctly)
  • Safe for use in applications such as medical and lab.
  • To moves fluids that are sterile or aggressive chemicals.

Applications of Easy Chemical Transfer device

  1. Pharmaceutical and chemical Industry Easy chemical transfer device is highly suitable for pharmaceutical and Chemical industry due to its high accuracy in fluid controllability. This pump can be used as a metering device in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry.
  2. Laboratory experiment – The mechanism of this pump’s action allows fluids to be dispensed without introducing contamination. This makes them ideal for dispensing solutions in both biological and chemical labs.
  3. Food & Beverages – For dosing or metering chemicals, liquid substances, and flavorings, peristaltic pumps work great. Another excellent use for a peristaltic pump is moving extremely viscous substances from one place to another. Peristaltic pumps are ideal for use in food slurries that comprise solid ingredients, trash, or vegetable or fruit skins.
  4. Water & Wastewater treatment – The peristaltic pump is widely used for dosing and metering applications. In wastewater treatment there is a requirement of dosing devices in a time interval. The peristaltic pump is a good option for the dosing operation in wastewater treatment plants.
  5. Water transfer from the aquarium – To keep fish stressed free we need to remove water 15 to 20 percent of water each week from the aquarium tank.  The aquarium is an artificial habitat where no decomposers are present in the aquarium; that is why it needs to be cleaned weekly. So, the easy fluid transfer device is fit perfectly to expel the water from the aquarium.
Weight 0.45 kg
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 13 cm
Flow rate

10ml to 144 ml, 10ml to 60ml


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